Our Alliances


Novix is an international consulting firm specialized in developing systems and large-scale models for business planning, budgeting, price and tariff setting, demand forecasting, operations and production planning, as well as cost optimization.


Serentek is an international solutions integrator specializing in medium and large-scale solutions. Serentek has significant experience in delivering operational solutions for high-consequence missions to U.S. Defense, diplomatic, intelligence community, and law enforcement customers, as well as multinationals and friendly foreign governments.

ASET Partners

ASET Partners comprehensive Systems Engineering Lifecycle services firm, which employs the rigor and holistic principles of systems engineering across a wide range of disciplines, including information technology, enterprise architecture, program management, and more.

Manhattan PM (Panama)

Manhattan PM provides full service construction management expertise throughout the entire life of a project. Operating as general contractors and project managers for over a century in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean; Manhattan provides a smooth development process during all phases of preconstruction and construction in order to manage the budget, schedule, and quality of any construction project.