Related Industries

Although we can offer our services to organizations in almost any industry or sector, we have distinctive experience in specific sectors, which uniquely qualifies us to offer relevant insights and practical counsel in these particular areas.


Together with ABCO Energy, we advise in the planning, development and construction of power generating stations. We can offer full project management services, owner’s representative, or feasibility analysis and risk assessment. ABCO Energy, a subsidiary of ABCO Global, is a platform for the planning, development, and construction of power generating stations—including both thermal and renewable energy sources.


Due to our longstanding and continuous experience in the maritime sector, we have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry both locally and internationally. We provide business development strategies, and serve as project managers and/or owner's representative for enterprises in maritime and related industries.


We support the development of a world class logistics platform as a national priority for Panama and other developing nations seeking a competitive advantage. Moreover we believe that capable logistics system are critical for business success. Together with our expert partners, we offer integrated supply chain management assessment and sales and operation planning.


Together with our alliance Manhattan Construction Panama, we serve as project managers for large scale construction projects from the conceptual pre-design phase through completion.

Information Technology

Staying up to date with new frontiers and leading edge applications are an integral part of ABCO's philosophy, technological needs from information security to information banking and data analysis. Together with strategic partners such as Serentek, Aset Partners, and Novix, we ensure that our clients have access to the best products and services and help them make the right decisions.