We provide a clear perspective for our clients, elucidating actionable opportunities that will have a significant impact.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

We help companies and organizations engage in strategic thinking and planning from development through execution. According to each client's need, we can advise on: corporate structure, financial structure, strategic plans for growth and innovation, implementation of a culture change, risk management, or other needs tailored for a specific client or situation.

Business Development

We can identify and prioritize new opportunities within an enterprise, or work together to develop an entirely new business venture. We have proven experience in analyzing the feasibility of new business opportunities and the subsequent design and execution of business plans. At a minimum we conduct a profitability analysis and risk assessment for prospective businesses. If necessary we can also help raise investment capital and secure project financing.

Project Management and Owner's Representative

We develop complex projects from the pre-design phase through completion. We can ensure proper project financing and help secure capital. Additionally, we can act as the owner’s representative throughout the lifetime of a project, or enter midway during a crisis and offer critical care management.

Organization and Leadership Development

We have ample experience in human resource management, including restructuring, development of corporate education programs, migration from a family business to a corporate structure, and executive coaching to support high level executives in their professional and personal development. Executive coaching is especially beneficial in preparing for, and/or during, transition periods.

Assessment and Advisory

Our team has successful experience in many other services including the peer review of previous consultants’ work, and the composition of white papers on various topics including but not limited to the logistics, maritime, and energy sectors.

Project Due Diligence

We specialize in exposing areas of concern and assessing the particular risk associated with a project during the planning and/or execution phase. We can examine all aspects of a project, including but not limited to, the assumptions and calculations used in feasibility studies—such as financial, economic, and contextual methods; the engineering and design integrity; the robustness of contracts and any pending or potential legal issues; the organizational structure and management; and the accuracy of progress reports.